Story of one life

Retell One

When one is caught for doing something that is not acceptable in the society, the person is consider an outcast and isolated. There are always the reason behind one’s behavior that attribute to the respective attitude. If one person is to  be blame for what happen, it is unfair. Fairness is very broad, no one can be fair without being unfair to the other party. It’s always like that and will always appear to be like that. When the wrongdoing party is validated as the criminals.    The court has decide, the juries hand over their decision, the appeal was no longer available, the prosecutor has run out of witness, the evidences has been enclosed in every way possible and the crime has paid for it. I rest my case here. The question is what has the criminal did that he have to be put to silence. It was Sunday afternoon on August 13th, 2012, nothing and no one  can really explain the exact situation that took place on that day. Every corner of the street was furnished with colorful flower and ornaments along with other decorations. Everybody were in the middle of preparation to celebrate the town’s new park and bringing along their meal basket for picnic. It was the biggest picnic that ever being held and the town was also being honored with Guinness Book of Record for holding such a massive event. Happy faces can be seen all over the park, kids with candies, youth with juices, parents with the bread and farmer with the fruits. It was the most lovely day of the year. Nothing could ever spoils the day, nothing except the skeleton of tiny figure beneath the ground where the people were having their massive picnic. The ground was cursed, after all. That’s what they said. And that’s where it all begun.


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