Life is as purple as it get

Purple of life

The backyard flowering plant

Captivating and mesmerizing

On one of this day.

By wasilanadia


Beautiful Minds

New up coming project i’m currently into.

From making a short birthday wishes to my dearest friends, has eventually led me to an idea of looking into foreigns-languages-beautiful-quotes and turn them into as below.

Credits photo by @aqlilirianacm

“Happy Birthday” is a universal wishes that understood worldwide, so, why don’t i make it into one (is what i was thinking during the making).

Credits photo by @aqlilirianacm

Qui Vivra Vevra.

The search engine from the web suggested that this was a French quotes and it this fit my idea of looking into short but impacful quotes.

“Those who lives, shall see”

Credits photo by @aqlilirianacm

Life ia Beautiful or in spanish it says La Vida es Hermosa. This one in particular was not my most exciting or satisfying outcome as the “1% lack” kind of feeling keep on lingering in my head until the end of the process.

The end result of the “Whatever will be, will be”

To fulfill the need of giving different sense of birthday wishes. This one was meant for my dear onee-chan (ir means sister).

Before onee-chan, this was the second person that i deliver my short wishes.

Display above was the very first and the beginning of this project. The result was overwhelming as the recipient reacted to it and said, “you slayed”. Not so sure what kind of slaying i did there but it sure sounds as a compliment to me.

Till then.



A book, a landscape and a camera.

All you ever need to make a worth taken photo were Book by Christy Brown “The life that inspired my, water bottle and a phone camera.

Some useful photography tips that i found useful was that always use an object as a focus, could be anything. For this, i wanted to snap a photo of this place with great landacape and everything but then, the grass alone would be boring, thus, i put the book as the center of attraction and just include along my blue water bottle as a side of attraction.

Its was pretty hot that day, enable me to get enough lighting that makes my photo looks preety good.

While flipping the page i found this great word that worth a shot. It says “A Writer”, which was good for my writing material.

Experimenting with different angles proves to be quite tedious and lots of holding a breath but it was worth a shot.

Its really gettting hot out here as it was high in the noon and in quick i sneaked myself into more dense and chill places. And i found this great place for me to get onto my blog writing.

I’m not particularly into this leaf actually, it was pretty much nothing on it that got my eye-tension. In fact i was staring at it for quite sometime to see if i can get any right angle, still nothing but i still snap it out just to make my staring contest worth awhile.

It’s the book on the grass. That’s what i was wondering while taking this one.