Mind’s block

Credits to this painting’s painter, at least the painter knew what he/she’s doing.

As for me, having to stuck in the midst of the flowing idea seems so idealess. I’m pretty much “writer blocks” right now except that i know what to write but runs out of solid ideas on the design and the compartments of it. Hoping for more idea to generate.Till then…



Purple of life

Beneath the sunny day, this purple yellowish lotus blooming radiantly, marking the glorious and pride of this flower.

Another success shot in the mid of the day when the sun is at the peak of the heat. Yet it was worth the shot.


Eleven eleven’s wedding

Today’s event.

The wedding was awesomely decorated with the branches and white flowers, making the arch on top of the isle looks more stunning than anything.

The ambience of the lighting looks marvellous that generate awesome looking photos.

Feeling more than thankful with the great weather of the day, and later in the evening, marked the end of the event, for today.


The root


From the pot in the backyard. The plant was originally died and all gone except on closer look with the sunshine on them makes me stop and stare with my phone camera to closely captured them. The green sprout revive with no one watching them, and they grew amazingly.


Dream catcher

Life is a dream, the more you’re try to grasp for it, the further it drifted away.

On another occasion, i wish to convey my current feeling and situation where i felt that: It is a tediously annoying brisk walk.



After for a long sometime i was awaken by the call to why not make my own thing of my own.  

And just like that,  i did it. 

I’ll keep it on and keep nourishing my individual talents or whatever people may call it.


It’s a beginning. 


There are times. 

There’s certainly times where i miss my own kind of laughter.

The kind that define the person i am,

The kind that make me the happiest person,

The kind that bring joy to others as well,

The kind that i know this is my life that i ever needed,

The kind that i know everything will be alright,

The kind that no matter what i’m going through,  i will make it through,

The kind that people don’t influence my decision,

The kind that i know what i’m doing,

The kind that i know where pain lies, there is a silver lining,

The kind that when i laugh,  the world laugh with me,

The kind that i wish what had happened never did happened,

The kind that make me face the music everytime the challenge is in front of the door,

The kind that be nice to a person,  and others will be at you,

The kind that work hard does pay,

The kind that make you keep on holding to that never give up,

The kind that keep you as you are until today, even when the journey was “sometimes you wish it had been different”, it never stop me from writing onto this.

I live in control


I’m in control of my life.

When life gives you a time of doing the things you’re not suppose to do, then don’t,  don’t do the things you’re not suppose to do.

How to avoid is ridiculously hard but you’ll come around if you keep on pushing it through.

These days have been less productive days as the process of hibernating is invading more than usual.

The things is i need to get it back in control,  i will decide what to do, why i’m doing it and how i’ll feel with it.

At the end of the day,  i’m super happy about it, that’s all matter.


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