People that you met through the walks of life – The boy who says thank you.

The boy who says thank you.

He was not only said thank you once after reveived the money for the snack that he sold.  He even turn and said thank you again through the stand of banner that were around him while sat there in the corner.  As i was approaching the car to get into,  his word left me with a deep thought of how a small deed can give you an overwhelmed thoughts and emotions. I was indecisive in the first place as to buy the snack from the lady that was there at the very beginning when i was passing there. Upon finished having a short meal at the restaurant before resume the long hour journey back to hometown.  I had the thought to do some generosity there by purchasing the snack from the lady i once saw that sat there. But this time it was a boy sat over there and i just walked straight to the car.  Frankly, I was very much dissapointed of myself for being too much into the thought just for the simple act of kindness. I was at the car, hold the car’s door and stand there for a very quick second and ended up walked towards the boy and paid him for a plastic of snack that he had. It was the last plastic pack there and with that i really hope, he could just be done there as it was quite chilly out there on that day.  This tale was never my intention to be shared as it describe my act of generosity whereas if you did something as this,  it best not to brag about it, just be all the way sincere without the need for attention.  But then,  in order to reflect what did this boy did,  the storyline need to be describe in such a way. A thank you is best said with the act.  I learnt such a great deal of life lesson through what the boy has said and am really glad i had that moment to reflect.


Wasila. N.

Random thought #2

This is another random thoughts that i wish to convey for the world to see. I’m currently making a plan upon the life that i have. Many ideas come and goes and never stick around but one thing for sure, i had took that courage to finally brought myself to do it.


Wasila, N.

Random thoughts


If someone was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 60, it shows that how this person have been functioning well among the social community.

Neurogenerative in autism – ongoing and progressive in and out depth research by scientist and researchers.

fantastic food

Nasi dagang

The Nasi Dagang

The infamous Nasi Dagang that originated from Terengganu, the land from east coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is a traditional cuisine that loved and well known by the local east coaster people.

Every year for Raya celebration, this cuisine has become almost every-year-must-cooked-food for us to have. Not really into but still and always loving it.

And of course this is just one of the great foods that we have for the day.


Wasila N.

The non stopping mode

Anxiety, agitation, super uneasy mind, my mind just couldn’t stop processing. It wont stop, as if it keeps on bargaining and revolving. I have to see things done till the end. I dont stop i dont put it on hold, its not cause i didn’t want to or~ i just couldnt.

Thing is, i have been in this mind blowing of ideas and “shcnooze” or something that would describe my driving state of my mind.

This feeling.


Wasila N.

Rusty trustworthy bike

An old lady with an old bicycle.

Once i saw this one lady rode her old ladylike bicycle from the side of the road. She looks old that the way she dresses represent the amazing look of the traditional village people. Riding in the midst of the urban with all vehicles roaming the street doesn’t seems to bother her much. I love the way she was. I mesmerized every moment that i saw her by the rode. I respect her for her life and years she had despite of the generations of urbanization she still manage to withold the great way of amazing and modest life of the kampung style. It was captivating and led me to a great admiration to be able to see such a great living life as hers this days in the midst of the busy life of today’s people.

She seems aged. I couldn’t describe much as to how long she has live this age as her whoabout remains unknown for me till today. I do know that she lived nearby as i once saw her coming out with her rusty thrustworty bike from a junction nearby. How i always admired her appearance to the road, this much of a story of her got me into a wonderful time of writing. The encounter was a brief, barely counted, but the moment of aspiration and admiration with the whole aspect of respects upon seen her does make me wonders and amazed. It was the feeling i felt everytime i saw her that worth my time to wrote the story of an old lady with an old bike.


Wasila N.