A book, a landscape and a camera.

All you ever need to make a worth taken photo were Book by Christy Brown “The life that inspired my, water bottle and a phone camera.

Some useful photography tips that i found useful was that always use an object as a focus, could be anything. For this, i wanted to snap a photo of this place with great landacape and everything but then, the grass alone would be boring, thus, i put the book as the center of attraction and just include along my blue water bottle as a side of attraction.

Its was pretty hot that day, enable me to get enough lighting that makes my photo looks preety good.

While flipping the page i found this great word that worth a shot. It says “A Writer”, which was good for my writing material.

Experimenting with different angles proves to be quite tedious and lots of holding a breath but it was worth a shot.

Its really gettting hot out here as it was high in the noon and in quick i sneaked myself into more dense and chill places. And i found this great place for me to get onto my blog writing.

I’m not particularly into this leaf actually, it was pretty much nothing on it that got my eye-tension. In fact i was staring at it for quite sometime to see if i can get any right angle, still nothing but i still snap it out just to make my staring contest worth awhile.

It’s the book on the grass. That’s what i was wondering while taking this one.




Dream vs reality

I welcome this great 2018 with the hassle of getting my work done. It never comes to me to be in this situation where everything around me is revolving at some speed that i’m trying my best to catch up with

It’s funny though, once awaken from the dream, i found myself in the reality that never cease to surprise me. It never caught me off guard to think that this is the life that i’m having right at this moment.

My dream for when i was asleep, was as vivid as the reality. The storyline came from the worriness that i had before resting my head on the bed that night. I was extremely tedious and my mind went spiral with the loads of work that i have to begin the next day. Prior to that, i went asleep and my dream was some that i’m suppose to handle with some people and all other stuff. There were some unfamiliar faces i met in my dream but they were all nice and helps me out a lot to get my work done. The best things out of dream was that i felt happiness eventhough it was unreal.The feeling that i had for those people that appeared in my dream, how i wish i had the same experiences in real life. There were some issue that we encountered but we managed to handle everything and at the end, we succeed to make the job happen and everyone was happy. It was almost like a happy ending story except due to that i was awaken and met the reality.

How deep was my thoughts went about the matter that was bothering me that i found myself doing it all in my dream. Too bad it was a dream but unlike or like other people, i took my dream as a reality escape where i felt happiness.


Work is infinity

I once asked myself, what’s never runs out in life. The answer is “work”. This photo was taken during the site visit for work related activity that put me under certain pressure for that whole day. My mind kepts on wondering until when will i be involving into this. Sometimes when you keep on forcing yourself to keep on doing things you really have minimal heart into it, really exhaust you up.


Part 2::Impromptu sketch 

It all begin with me having the most ridiculous weekend where i have to start the work as usual but with the extend time out. In the midst of doing what i’m suppose to do, it occur to me that i need a break and that break is me doing something else. So drawing pop up to my mind, and i say, yeah why not. 
Meet Charlie, the robot that does nothing but work. Charlie was created as a reflection of what i am doing at the moment, thus, #BeLikeCharlie.

And then, comes this drawing-for-dummies-style of sports car. Initially  i just wanted to try out drawing a car and how glad i am that it turns out quite good so far.

After the urban street sports car, i just couldn’t stop yet and wanted to try out this favourite super hero of all, the Ironman. And vuallaa, it was a bit tricky initially and my concern is over the curve on the ironhead, cause i didn’t want it to look too large and lost the edge and everything, but eventually it all just about believing in yourself and work through it until the end. 

Moving on, i remembered seing this cute superheroes and ironman was the cutest, thus, i started to browse through for a cute ironman and begin to copy the ironman handrawing, yeah, all these were the copying skill as if not from the original idea of my mind. So it’s more like nurturing from copying skill in order to develop and sharping the skill that needed for drawing.

Back to this cute little fella, not that well drawn as the head seems compressed downward a bit but yeah i did it.

Still hanging in this amazing feeling of sketching and the thoughts of my amazing nephew came to my mind. He loves this ultra superhero or ultraman and as i browse through, yeah,this ultra guy was definately not my league yet to draw, so i kept on browsing and came across this looks easy and funny ultrakid. So i began and again it just make me proud of myself over and over again.

The ultrakid wrapped up my handy drawing for now and i’ll be sure to explore and get into this kind of sketch with improved skills in the near soon.



Part 1::Pencil

So here’s how it all goes. Grab a pencil any near you. Think of something like i think i’m gonna draw. With the thoughts that drawing is a great way to deviate your mind. Then, grab a phone,start to scroll down for drawing for dummies step by step and once you find it, start to sketch it down. Basically this is all the dummies step by step for mind deviation and escape your mind temporarily out of your so called work.

Homemade low light

These cacti was taken for experimential purpose under homemade low light setting with super home item involvement.

The result was enough to make me feel ease of satisfaction. It may not be the expert recognition but it was great on the eye of me.

It’s like finding the foot in things i like to do and often thinking that i may not be as good as i thought i was. But through this short experience, with the amount of impressive impression i leave on me, i must say i finally did it. Looking forward for more in the near future.


Mind’s block

Credits to this painting’s painter, at least the painter knew what he/she’s doing.

As for me, having to stuck in the midst of the flowing idea seems so idealess. I’m pretty much “writer blocks” right now except that i know what to write but runs out of solid ideas on the design and the compartments of it. Hoping for more idea to generate.Till then…