I live in control

I’m in control of my life. 

When life gives you a time of doing the things you’re not suppose to do, then don’t,  don’t do the things you’re not suppose to do.

How to avoid is ridiculously hard but you’ll come around if you keep on pushing it through. 

These days have been less productive days as the process of hibernating is invading more than usual. 

The things is i need to get it back in control,  i decide what to do, why i’m doing, how i felt with it.

At the end of the day,  i’m super happy about it, that’s all matter.



Dare to dream

“The future belong to those who dares to dream”

Heard this and find it deep and sort of inspiring.


Had it,  long for it.

Keeping it inside the box may sounds like an excuse.

But what if the dreams has got you realised that the world is not revolving around you alone.

It such a wonderful things that bring you the happiness that you ever need for.

Until the reality comes knocking at the door and you start to swim yourself into it without you even realised.

And when you does,  the dream start to shrink itself back into the box.

Sometimes lock, ignored and remain dormant for a short and maybe a long time.

So what contradict with the dream,  its the reality.

One thing for sure,  no matter how superior, dominance and repulsive the reality are,  have faith and keep the dream alive.

As for today,  that’s what i believe and will keep it as still as the tree.

Have faith

Keep hope alive


And dream big. 



The big next step

The big next step of a life.

Change to a different worklife environment.

Easy as it sound,  difficult to proceed as the comfort zone is well established.

I need to get out and make the big decision, the sooner the best.

Not to let any other obstacles walks down the path,  once the decision is made,  the sky becomes clearer.

How i wish for this to happen,  any near soon.



Green grass grow all around

Found this fresh leaves on the backyard. Hoping for today’s life to be as green and fresh as this small plant. They grew among the wild grass in their own small committee. On this closer look,  they look more amazing than any other grass nearby. They maybe little but they were supreme in making an appearance. 

They caught my eye to snap them and be amazed.